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For Sale : LAPIDARY JOURNAL (now Jewelry Artist)

The Original National Gem Cutting Magazine
For Gem cutters, Gem collectors, Jewelers, and Lapidary artists.

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SPECIAL UNTIL APRIL 20, 2014 : Any 10 issues for $5, or all of the issues on the page (about 140) for $50, plus shipping.

lapidary journal for sale


This journal is published monthly and is devoted to gems and items made with gems or gemstone. Each issue has 5-15 feature articles and some shorter pieces such as calendar of events, What's new, News items and more. 10x6.5” through 1960, 11x8.5" after that, illustrated, with a nice color cover depicting a gem, gemstone, or artwork that incorporates a gem or gemstone, many have some interior color. ** I have listed the color cover topic (usually related to a feature article) as well as a couple of the feature articles in each (in brief). The Buyer's guide issues are always twice as thick as other issues, have more color, and include many location specific articles as well as other feature articles. A very large number of articles (esp. in earlier issues) are continued from one issue to the next - ask if you wonder if a topic listed has multiple parts. Issues become progressively larger (more pages) over the years. INDEX is in March issue.

Published by the Lapidary Journal, Inc, San Diego, California.

Condition: The individual journals are clean and in good to very good condition with lightly to moderately rubbed covers, some mild fading at edges, and some bumped corners and edges. Through the 1960s, spines have mild wear and page block near spine is rippled or curved from original glue. The white cover of the Buyer's Guide issue is often soiled.

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All issues are $3 each - - - - - - - - Minimum order total of $5 applies.


Lapidary Journal February 1958 : Cover - Jade pagoda. Gemstone map of Florida. Abel Buell. How to make moss agates. The fire-eating clock. (paper tanned, label on front cover corner. Spine and hinge taped.)

Lapidary Journal February 1959 : Cover - Sculpture in Gold by Renata Signorini. New South African emerald find. How to engrave shells. Jade clock. (paper tanned, label on front cover corner. Cover was rough and is covered in contact paper, hinge taped.)

Lapidary Journal February, 1960 : Cover - Mosaic of the signing of the Declaration of independence. Portraits in shell. Andamooka, Australia, opal fields. Rockhounding in Colombia. (paper tanned, label on front cover corner. Spine and hinge taped.)

Start of larger size :

Lapidary Journal February 1964 : Cover - Alamo. Inclusions in Jade, part 1. Assorted soft stones that have been faceted. Tin. Amethyst.

Lapidary Journal April 1964 : 1964 Rockhound buyer's guide. (worn cover corner)

Lapidary Journal June 1964 : Cover - carving of quartz and rhodocrosite by Opal Maline. Xanthosiderite - rare Michigan gemstone. Eskimo ivory carvings.

Lapidary Journal August 1964 : Cover - Marsh Hawk by Mr. Meredith Jones. Hand chasing. Petrified wood of Oklahoma. Florentined flowers. Faceted sulphur.

Lapidary Journal September 1964 : Cover - Petrified wood book ends. Wyoming Jade regions. Diamonds from the sea. South Africa. Inclusions in precious stones.

Lapidary Journal November 1964 : Cover - Opal and Topaz features. Harry Winston donates 253.7 carat diamond. Topaz mines of Ouro Preto.


The Jade features in 1965 mostly pertain to reminiscences of 25 years in the Jade fields of Wyoming.
Lapidary Journal February 1965 : Cover - intarsia table top by Valney Ray. Quartz with inclusions. Glaciation and diamonds. Diamonds. Silver mice.

Lapidary Journal March 1965 : Cover - selection of cut and polished gems. Gemstones of Russia. Colored quartz gems. Opals part 5.

Lapidary Journal April 1965 : Buyer's guide. (cover lightly soiled)

Lapidary Journal May 1965 : Cover - amazing goldsmithing of Bart W. Mann. Jade - part 0. Sango - gem from sea. Synthetic sapphire.

Lapidary Journal July 1965 : Cover - Rose Intarsia. Red Axinite in Baja California. Emeralds in Brazil. Jade - part 2. Eastern Star cut.

Lapidary Journal September 1965 : Cover - Sundial. Garnet. Synthetic emerald. Bolas. Jade - part 4. New Brazilian source. First gold rush - part 2.

Lapidary Journal November 1965 : Cover - Flamingos - microphoto of petrified wood. Jade - part 6. Asterism in garnets. Gemstones of Oklahoma.

Lapidary Journal December 1965 : Cover - Lapidary cross. Greenstone of Lake Wakatipu. Salininha emeralds. Minature gem carvings. Jade - part 7.


Lapidary Journal January 1966 : Cover - Chrysoprase from Queensland, Australia. Jade - part 8. Mexico - part 1. Text Alibates flint quarries.

Lapidary Journal March 1966 : Cover - Proustite from Chanarcillo, Chile. Jade - part 10. Mexico - part 3. Robbery at Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary arts.

Lapidary Journal May 1966 : Cover - Kingman Arizona turquoise. Mexico - part 5. Prehistoric mining in Southwest. Jade - part 12. Lasers and Masers.

All issues are $3 each - - - - - - - - Minimum order total of $5 still applies.

Lapidary Journal July 1966 : Cover - Johnston Island red coral. Rockhounding in British Columbia. Fossil corals of Tennessee. Burma - part 2. Jade - part 14.

Lapidary Journal August 1966 : Cover - Taiwan Chrysocolla. Mexico - part 8. Jade - part 25. Donal Hord. Thunderegg. Europe - part 3. (minor spot on cover).

Lapidary Journal October 1966 : Cover - Australian Imperial red rhodonite. Arkansas rock crystal. Turquoise in Persia. Europe - part 5.

Lapidary Journal November 1966 : Cover - Arco-iris opal of Mexico. Australia’s Coober Pedy opal. Ceylon peasant plows up gem and starts rush. Giant selenite clusters. Treasures of Colorado’s crystal peak.

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Lapidary Journal January 1967 : Cover - Royal purple apatite, Auburn Maine. Peridot - part 2. Italian cameo carving. Obsidians of Mexico. Mexico - part 13.

Lapidary Journal February 1967 : Cover - Fossil gastropod cover with crystal quartz (AMAZING!). Textured silver beads. Mexico - part 14, Europe - part 8. Big robbery of specimens at Colorado School of mines. (This issue is fair : damp marked corner, cup ring on cover)

Lapidary Journal March 1967 : Cover - Beautiful obsidian carving by W.P. Barnett. When geodes are gems. Butterfly cut. Mexico - part 15. Opalized wood in Colombia.

Lapidary Journal May 1967 : Cover - Jeweled golden saltcellar by Bart W. Mann. Toumaline - part 1. Dredging Brazilian diamonds. Brazilian geology.

Lapidary Journal July 1967 : Cover - Jadeite tree carved with jet by H.S. Greiser. Carving materials of Alaska. Wulfenite trail in Arizona.

Lapidary Journal August 1967 : Cover - Bull sea lion carved in Jade by Tom Neavitt. Cultured pearl farming, Pearl - part 2. Mexico - part 18.


Lapidary Journal February 1968 : Cover - Indian carved emerald. Gold - part 2. Axinite - Feather River Canyon, California. New explosion diamond. Funk collection.

Lapidary Journal March 1968 : Cover - Selection of cut "semi-gems" Early jewelry making techniques in southern Meso-America. How diamond saws are made.

Lapidary Journal August 1968 : Cover - Colorado gems and gold in a pendant. Montana's dendritic moss agate. Zoisite - new from Tanzania. Smoky quartz in Colorado.

Lapidary Journal October 1968 : Cover - Pahlavi crown, Iran. Turquoise of Virginia. Santa Rosa tourmaline mine, Brazil. Cycads in Oklahoma. New Zealand Kauri gum.


Lapidary Journal January 1969 : Cover - Rhodolite garnet, Tanzania. Ultralap. Yogo Montana Sapphire mine. Jacobina amethyst mine in Brazil.

Lapidary Journal March 1969 : Cover - Bibelot. Royal purple gems. Headley museum, Kentucky. British Columbia mountain of jade. (cover has minor soil)

Lapidary Journal May 1969 : Cover - Cuahuhtemoc carved in black opal. New diamond mine in Botswana. Topaz mountain, Utah. Chalcedony icicles.

Lapidary Journal June 1969 : Cover - Pansy project by Olive Colhour. Opal mining in western Mexico - part 1. Tick canyon. Tektites. Falls City, Texas.

Lapidary Journal July 1969 : Cover - Petrified wood pendant by Cunningham. Flint from Ohio. Opals Mexico - part 2. Plesiosaurus. Diamond prospecting in Guyana.

Lapidary Journal September 1969 : Cover - 7825 ct. Yugoslavian purplish-pink ruby. Turritella agate from Wyoming. Pegmatite mines of Alto Ligonha district. Unusual emeralds. (bumped corners, back cover rough)


Lapidary Journal March 1970 : Cover - Wall mural inspired by agate - awesome! Medieval artisans - gems and settings. Jadeite in Guatemala. Wyoming's red desert.

Lapidary Journal July 1970 : Cover - Snuff bottles of China. Mexico’s colossal carving. Turtle Mountain treasures, San Bernardino county, California.

Lapidary Journal September 1970 : Cover - 1245 gram Carnaiba emerald crystal. West Virginia mountain trails. Agatized palm and other woods, Flatonia, Texas.

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Lapidary Journal May 1971 : Cover - Carvings from Idar-Oberstein. Progress of laser art in lapidary work. Crystals for jewelry. Faceting synthetic gemstones.

Lapidary Journal July 1971 : Cover - Bibelot commemorating the Apollo XI moon landing. Soapstone. Sheen obsidian and needles. Rainbow wood in Oklahoma.

Lapidary Journal August 1971 : Cover - Roses by Olive Colhour. Cutting a Yag. Clay point agate field in eastern Utah. Crystals in wood. Sphene - San Diego county.


Lapidary Journal February 1972 : Cover - Iris of Lavender Onyx. Calcite and Celestite in the Cumberlands. Dease Lake jade. Galaxy cut. Moonstone.

Lapidary Journal May 1972 : Cover - Atlas, created in Idar-Oberstein. Tarry awhile. Collecting Chinese snuff bottles. Tektites. Sculpture in corundum.

Lapidary Journal December 1972 : Cover - Jewel encrusted elephant. Diamond hunting in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Feldspar. Pete Curto's copper country. Eskimo art.


Lapidary Journal April 1973 : Buyer's guide. Irradiated colored diamonds. Muzo emerald mine, Colombia. Czechoslovakia. Valley of the Navaho. Ghost mountain.

Lapidary Journal August 1973 : Cover - Fairy wrens of Australia. Bonanza years - part 2. Facts about Fairburns. Evaluating gemstones - part 2. North Conway, NH.

Lapidary Journal September 1973 : Cover - Viking Ship. Fortification agates. Combination double reverse cut. Mushrooms, Texas style. Bonanza years - part 3.

Lapidary Journal October 1973 : Cover - Dekalb Diopside, St. Lawrence Co., New York. New Maxixe-type beryl. Mid-continent petrified wood. (cover has minor soil)

All issues are $3 each - - - - - - - - Minimum order total of $5 still applies.

Lapidary Journal May 1975 : Cover - Tom's baby - gold nugget. Bonanza years 1905- - part 1. Green vanadium Grossular garnet from Kenya. (one page rippled)

Lapidary Journal July 1975 : Cover - Cycad, South Dakota. Special Junior Issue. Rockamites of Forest Grove. Cave of Swords, Mexico. Bonanza years - part 3.

Lapidary Journal August 1975 : Cover - Night raiders - Mice on cheese (wonderful!). Falling stars. Bonanza years - part 4. Story of the great Tourmaline discovery.

Lapidary Journal October 1975 : Cover - Olympic Austrais - a huge raw opal. Bonanza years - part 6. Bobble jewelry. Blue John stone. Thomsonite HIll and Owl's creek.

Lapidary Journal November 1975 : Cover - New Turquoise Bear Claw necklace. Turquoise. Half Moon Cut. Hertfordshire Puddingstone. Czechoslovak modavites. Sunstones.


Lapidary Journal September 1976 : Cover - Gem clock of silver and gems. Slocum stone - new man made material. Sapphire. Calf killer agate. Lake Lucero. Perfume ring. Onyx.


Lapidary Journal January 1977 : Cover - Gilson synthetic emerald crystal. Palms and palm wood. Canyon City copper slab, Yukon territory, Canada. Wyoming.

Lapidary Journal February 1977 : Cover - Crown of thorns - amethyst crystal cluster. Opals of indonesia. Stones form sea and sky. Greek jewelry. Tempskya in North Carolina.

Lapidary Journal July 1977 : Cover - Butterfly in flint. Cubic zirconia. Copper. Salts for a city. Opalitis. Mask carvers. Aerospace technology and the American facetor.

Lapidary Journal October 1977 : Cover - Australian opal. Placer gold in the black hills. Shell etching. Garnets of emerald creek. Gem safari to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Lapidary Journal February 1978 : Cover - Turquoise rose in silver. Steam casting gemstones in place. Brazil. Tiffany style lampshades. Cordierite in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Axtec oval. Vases of Ancient eqypt. Notes on pre-Columbian gold.(cover lightly soiled, back cover rippled)

Lapidary Journal April 1978 : Buyer's guide. Azurite. Black hills gold. Gemstone butterflies. Her paints are minerals. Faceting Tourmaline. Oriental screens (cover mildly soiled)

Lapidary Journal July 1978 : Cover - Amethyst geode Horn of Plenty. Jasper to Jade in Venezuela. Nova Scotai woods. Khan Khalili. Quartz crystal hunt in Arkansas.

Lapidary Journal December 1978 : Cover - Charoite. (purple). Test of Ceres diamond probe. Apache tears. Oregon. Dinosaur trackway. Polly Drummond's agate beds.


Lapidary Journal June 1979 : Cover - Mountain scene in Nephrite jade. Agates - part 2. Precious stones found in China. Geology for lapidaries. Driftwood - doodads.

Lapidary Journal November 1979 : Cover - Big Blue topaz faceted 7033 carets. Calcite onyx. Turritella agate, Wyoming. Bisbee - part 2. Fossil lizard tracks of Mesilla valley, NM.

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Lapidary Journal October 1981 : Cover - Brazilian quartz wishing well. Mt. St. Helens - volcanic activity - part 3. Weak diamond. Sapphires of Montana. Granite lapidary.


Lapidary Journal January 1982 : Cover - Skyline reflection in gemstones (Neat!). Korite from Alberta, Canada. Glacial legacy. Fossils and agate near Green River, Wyoming. Voyager 1. Number Eight mine. Pegmatite.

Lapidary Journal August 1982 : Cover - Square gold bracelet with Rainbow tourmalines (awesome!). Ballerina cut. Carrara marble area. Ammonite shell.

Lapidary Journal September 1982 : Cover - Charoite Hummingbirds. Jerry Call. Lava Cast forest of Oregon. Levigliani Mine area. Dinosaurs in Virginia - 2 new species.

Lapidary Journal December 1982 : Cover - Christus Dolorosus (suffering Christ) in Lapis Lazuli. Hydrophane. Jasper at Black Butte reservoir. Gem olivine from Afghanistan. Hanksville revisited. Bishop's castle, Colorado.


Lapidary Journal January 1983 : Cover - Quartz crystal candlesticks. Bronze. Valdez, Alaska. Quality grading of Jadeite. Borax. Jewelry of Kashmir. Marbles of Greece.

Lapidary Journal March 1983 : Cover - "Buddha" kunsite, Afghanistan. Agates near Carter, Wyoming. Ratanpur - village of gems. SE Montana. Box brilliant.

Lapidary Journal April 1983 : Buyer's guide. Stachura's of Uxbridge. Sierra Madre Axurite - Malachite. Taaffeite of Sri Lanka. Green fire from the Antarctic. Lizzadro legacy. Apache tears and gem obsidian south of Delta, Utah. Brushy Basin, Arizona. (cover lightly soiled)

Lapidary Journal June 1983 : Cover - Stagecoach in petrified wood and sterling silver. Axinite. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Silurian trilobites of Waldron.

Lapidary Journal December 1983 : Cover - Kashan ruby - a luxury synthetic. Phenakite - lucky fine in Colorado. Granite - everlasting beauty. Tribal jewelry of India.


Lapidary Journal December 1984 : Cover - Granulated gold ring. Olivine, spinel, feldspar and other curiosities from Riley Maar, New Mexico. Spinel in Nayarit, Mexico. Did E.T. visit ohio a million years ago? Amasa valley Trilobites. Quisumah "diamonds."


Lapidary Journal January 1985 : Cover - Silver Kachina "Little Hawk". Brooches throughout history. Jerry Clocker. Wavellite near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Ivory ID.

Lapidary Journal February 1985 : Cover - Lapis Lazuli and Opal eagle - gorgeous! Egyptian square. East Verde river trip. Oklahoma's Barite roses. Sri Lanka.

All issues are $3 each - - - - - - - - Minimum order total of $5 still applies.

Name change to Lapidary Journal / Jewelry Artist Magazine (back issues available) :
*** May have "Store Copy" written on cover. Not offensive and magazine is still in nice condition.
*** 1995 : September.
*** 1996 : Sept, Oct, December.
*** 1997 : Jan, Feb, March, April, May, July, August, Sept, Dec.
*** 1998 : Jan, Feb, April, May, June, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.
*** 1999 : April, May, June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.
2001 : Jan, Feb, April, May, June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.
2002 : Jan, April.
2003 : Jan, Feb, April, May, June, July, Sept, Oct, Dec.
2004 : April.
2005 : Jan, April, May, Nov, Dec.
2006 : Jan, Feb, April.

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