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For Sale : Wisconsin State Geological Publications

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
University of Wisconsin Extension

- Bulletins - Geoscience Wisconsin - Information Circular -

Misc. Wisconsin geology publications

General condition : See each item for any individual notes on condition. Owner's stamps.
Older spines may show some wear. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled.
Lightly used, sunned on spines and edges, some bumped edges and corners. Please ask if you need more information.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Please note : some have two different series numbers.

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey : Bulletins Illustrated. 6x9"

Wisconsin Bulletins 3 and 5 BOUND TOGETHER. HARDBACK, marbled paper-covered boards, tan cloth spine. (Good/VG. Title of Bulletin 3 neatly handwritten on spine. Small spine sticker. Some filing marks on title pages. Minor smudge on one page corner. Spine ends bumped, cover corners bumped and abraded). $88

Contents of above bound volume :
Wisconsin Bulletin 3 : 1898 : Contribution to the Geology of the Precambrian Igneous Rocks of the Fox River Valley. By Samuel Weidman. Part 1 : The Utley metarhyolite. Part 2 : The Berlin Rhyolite – Gneiss. Part 3 : The Waudhara Granite. 63p., 10 plates in text including a small color geologic map, 12 figures.
Wisconsin Bulletin 5 : 1900 : The geography of the region about Devil’s Lake and the Dalles of the Wisconsin, with some notes on its surface geology. By Rollin D. Salisbury and Wallace W. Atwood. 151p., 38 plates, 47 figures.

Wisconsin Bulletin 7 : 1901 : The clays and clay industries of Wisconsin. By Ernest Robertson Buckley. (also numbered as Economic Series 4). NOTE : Bulletin 7 is titled “Part 1”, Part 2 was never published. 304p., 55 plates, 3 tables. LOTS of neat vintage photos of people, factories, brick works, more.

Choose your copy of Wisconsin Bulletin 7 :
Green cloth HARDCOVER (Good. Cover mildly soiled and mildly faded. Stamp on fly leaf. Second blank fly leaf missing a square that was neatly removed. Has a few very minor pencil notes.). - $18
Marbled paper HARDCOVER with tan cloth spine (Good. Title neatly handwritten on spine. Small spine sticker. Some filing marks on title pages. MSpine ends bumped, cover corners bumped and abraded. Hinges moderately shaken). - $12

Wisconsin Bulletin 20 : 1908 : (= Economic Series # 13) The water powers of WI. (1980 reprint with supplement providing flow data for WI rivers and streams since 1908). 436p. Photos. (bumped corner) $5

Wisconsin Bulletin 84 : 1962 : (= Soil Series # 59) Soil survey of Florence county, WI. 140p., photos, fold-out. Very large color map in pocket. $8

Wisconsin Bulletin 86 : 1970 : (= Soil Series # 61) Soils of Jefferson county, WI. 172p., photos, fold-out. Very large color map in pocket. $8

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Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey : Geoscience Wisconsin
Illustrated. 8.5x11". 2 or 3 feature articles in each.

Geoscience Wisconsin 4 : Apr 1980 : Conodonts and Stratigraphic Relationships of the Readstown Member of the St. Peter Sandstone in Wisconsin, by W.J. Grether and D.L. Clark; Late Pleistocene and Holocene Vertebrate Fossil Record of Wisconsin, by R.M. West and J.E. Dallman, 1980, 47 p. (bumped corner) $4


Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey : Information Circulars 11x8.5", some illus.

Wisconsin Information Circular 2 : 1956 : Uranium prospecting in Wisconsin. 4p., 1 figure, 1 bedrock geology map. $3

Wisconsin Information Circular 10 : Geochemical Prospecting by Spring Sampling in the Southwest Wisconsin Zinc Mining Area. J. De Geoffroy, 1969, 28 p., with surface-water-quality map (scale 1:125,000). Large map in pocket. $6

Wisconsin Information Circular 37 : Ground-Water Resources and Geology of Columbia County, Wisconsin. C.A. Harr, L.C. Trotta, and R.G. Borman, 1978, 30 p., with water-table map (scale 1:24,000). (bumped upper edge) $3

Wisconsin Information Circular 49 : Stage Fluctuations of Wisconsin Lakes. L.B. House, 1985, 84 p. $3

Wisconsin Information Circular 58 : Water Resources of Langlade County, Wisconsin. W.G. Batten, U.S. Geological Survey, 1987, 28 p., with water-table map (scale 1:100,000). $3

Wisconsin Information Circular 64 : Hydrogeology of the Wisconsin River Valley in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Eloise Kendy and K.R. Bradbury, 1988, 78 p., with folded maps of the elevation of the base of the Wausau aquifer, elevation of the water table, and soil attenuation potential (scale 1:100,000). $6

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey : Misc Reports (from different series) 11x8.5"

Sea Grant College Technical Report : WIS-SG-74-221 (WI) : 1974 : Sedimentation off the Kewaunee nuclear power plant by John Pezzetta. 59p. Illus. $4

Sea Grant College Technical Report : WIS-SG-74-223 (WI) : 1974 : Scour and deposition - changes in sedimentation around a nuclear power plant by Martha Kohler and J. Robert Moore. 264p. Illus. $14


Wisconsin State Geology publications : Misc.: Some are offprints.

Late Quaternary environments of Wisconsin, a field guide. By J. C. Knox and D. M. Mickelson, with contributions by others. Prepared for American Quaternary Association Third Biennial Meeting, University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 28 – August 2, 1974. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 243 pages, illustrated. Includes 2 road logs and 19 technical reports. Among other topics and locations, the reports include : Two Creeks buried forest, Valderan type locality, Glacial Lake Wisconsin, Blue Mounds, Pollen analysis and climatic reconstruction in the Driftless area, Schelke Bog in Lincoln county, Meandering valleys and underfit streams, Red Till stratigraphy, Duricrusting, Menominee Tribal lands, Manitowoc – Two Rivers – Two Creeks area, Langlade Lobe, Beaver Dam, Mineral Point, Sangamon soil, Lake Emrick drainage basin. SCARCE. $38

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