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For Sale : United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Scientific Investigations Reports (SIR)


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USGS Scientific Investigations Reports (SIR)

Significant data and interpretations of lasting scientific interest but generally narrower in scope than Professional Papers. Includes collections of related papers addressing different aspects of a single scientific topic, either issued as individual chapters or as a single volume; proceedings and abstracts for USGS-sponsored meetings; some field trip guidebooks and road logs; and general manuals.

Softcover, 11x8.5", illus.


USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5020 : Estimated water use and availability in the Pawcatuck basin, Southern Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut, 1995-99. By Emily C. Wild and Mark T. Nimiroski. 72p., 19 figs., 29 tables. $8

USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5031 : Simulation of ground-water flow, surface-water flow, and a deep sewer tunnel system in the Menomonee valley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By C. P. Dunning, D. T. Feinstein, R. J. Hunt, and J. T. Krohelski. 40p., 16 figs., 8 tables. $6

USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5032 : Estimates of median flows for streams on the 1999 Kansas Surface water register. By Charles A. Perry, David M. Wolock, and Joshua C. Artman. 219p., 113 figs., 7 tables. $8

USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5033 : Estimates of flow duration, mean flow, and peak discharge frequency values for Kansas stream locations. By Charles A. Perry, David M. Wolock, and Joshua C. Artman. 651p., 115 figs., 112 tables. $8

USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5038 : Guidelines for evaluating ground-water flow models. By Thomas E. Reilly and Arlen W. Harbaugh. 30p., 18 figs, 2 tables. $2

USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5052 : Ground-water quality of selected basin-fill aquifers of the northern Rockies Intermontane basins in Montana, Idaho, and Washington. By Rodney R. Caldwell, Craig L. Bowers, and DeAnn M. Dutton. 50p., 16 figs., 5 tables. $5

USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5071 : Streamflow and water quality characteristics for Wind Cave national Park, South Dakota, 2002-03. By Allen J. Heakin. 68p., 7 figs., 16 tables, CD. $10

USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5289 : 2010 : Recent U.S. Geological Survey studies in the Tintina gold province, Alaska, United States, and Yukon, Canada – results of a 5 year project. Edited by Larry P. Gough and Warren C. Day. Numbered in sections, about 200 pages, nicely illustrated. $8

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