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For Sale : United States Geological Survey (USGS) :
Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey

Softcover, 11.5” x 9”, illustrated. Scientific notes and summaries of investigations in geology, hydrology, and related fields. These journals take the place of the earlier "Geological Survey Research" series of the USGS Professional Papers.

NOTE : I have generally NOT included authors' names, so it is better to search on the title. I also have not included chemical formulas that were in titles, search instead on the mineral name.

Condition: Very Good, clean, bright, flat, unless noted..

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Journal of Research Volume 1(2) : March-April 1973. Pages 125-250, illus. VG - $15, or G (bumped corner) - $10

Contents of USGS Journal of Research 1(2) :
1. Upper Cretaceous (Maestrichtian) fossils from the Kenai-Chugach mountains, Kodiak and Shumagin Islands, southern Alaska. By D. L. Jones and S. H. B. Clark. Pges 125-136.
2. Lithostrotion reiseri, a cerioid colonial coral from Meramec-age beds, Lisburne Group, Arctic Alaska. By A. K. Armstrong. Pages 137-146.
3. A second specimen of Parahyus vagus Marsh, 1876. By G. E. Lewis. Pages 147-150.
4. The concept of growth and maturity of ore-stage pyrite in roll-type uranium deposits. By C. G. Warren and H. C. Granger. Pages 151-156.
5. Age and tectonic implications of some low-grade metamorphic rocks from the Yucatan Channel. By J. G. Vedder, N. S. MacLeod, M. A. Lanphere, and W. P. Dillon. Pages 157-164.
6. Geology of part of the southern complex, Marquette district, Michigan. By W. F. Cannon and G. C. Simmons. Pages 165-172.
7. Radiometric dating of intrusive rocks in the Cottonwood area, Utah. By M. D. Crittenden, Jr., J. S. Stuckless, R. W. Kistler, and T. W. Stern. Pages 173-178.
8. Magnetizations of some Late Cretaceous glassy tuffs, volcanic breccias, and altered basalts of the Elkhorn Mountains volcanic field, western Montana. By W. F. Hanna. Pages 179-192.
9. Geologic bench marks by terrestrial photography. By H. E. Malde. Pages 193-206.
10. The microgravimetric determination of acid-insoluble impurities in the complete analysis of small samples of acid-soluble minerals. By Robert Meyrowitz. Pages 207-210.
11. Effects of laboratory treatments on silver and other elements in native gold. By W. L. Campbell, E. L. Mosier, and J. C. Antweiler. Pages 211-220.
12. A precautionary note on the use of mixed solvents in soxhlet extraction procedures. By A. A. Roberts and J. G. Palacas. Pages 221-222.
13. Photomechanical experiments in automated cartography. By C. R. Gilman. Pages 223-228.
14. Formation of joints in bedrock by moving glacial ice. By F. W. Trainer. Pages 229-236.
15. Rapid reaction rates between water and a calcareous clay as observed by specific-ion electrodes. By W. W. Wood. Pages 237-243.
16. Hydraulic sand-model studies of miscible-fluid flow. By J. M. Cahill. Pages 243-250.


Journal of Research Volume 1(3) : May-June 1973. Pages 251-376, illus. $12

Contents of USGS Journal of Research 1(3) :
1. Are the granitic rocks of the Salinian block trondhjemitic? By D. C. Ross. Pages 251-254.
2. Zeolites in the Miocene Briones Sandstone and related formations of the central Coast Ranges, California. By K. J. Murata and K. R. Whiteley. Pages 255-266.
3. The chemistry of five accessory rock-forming apatites. By D. E. Lee, E. L. M. Brandt, R. E. Van Loenen, and H. J. Rose, Jr. Pages. 267-272.
4. Petrography and structural relations of granitic basement rocks in the Monterey Bay area, California. By D. C. Ross and E. E. Brabb. Pages 273-282.
5. A photogeologic method for determining the direction of horizontal dilation from patterns of en echelon fracturing. By W. S. Duffield and Kazuaki Nakamura. Pages 283-288.
6. Radioelement and radiogenic heat distribution in drill hole Uce-1, Bemont stock, central Nevada. By C. M. Bunker and C. A. Bush. Pages 289-292.
7. Geology of a system of submarine canyons south of Puerto Rico. By J. V. A. Trumbull and L. E. Garrison. Pages 293-300.
8. A spectrochemical method for determining the composition of native gold. By A. L. Sutton, R. G. Havens, and C. L. Sainsbury. Pages 301-308.
9. Two diamictons in a landslide scarp on Admiralty Island, Alaska, and the tectonic insignificance of an intervening peat bed. By R. D. Miller. Pages 309-314.
10. Can satellite photography contribute to topographic mapping? By F. J. Doyle. Pages 315-326.
11. Photoimages for map bases. By Morris L. McKenzie. Pages 327-340.
12. Microbiological aspects of ground-water recharge – injection of purified unchlorinated sewage effluent at Bay Park, Long Island, New York. By G. G. Ehrlich, T. A. Ehlke, and John Vecchioli. Pages 341-344.
13. Change in potentiometric head in the Lloyd aquifer, Long Island, New York. By G. E. Kimmel. Pages 345-350.
14. Concepts of karst development in relation to interpretation of surface runoff. By H. E. LeGrand and V. T. Stringfield. Pages 351-360.
15. The fractionation of humic acids from natural water systems. By R. L. Wershaw and D. J. Pinckney. Pages 361-366.
16. Fluorite equilibria in thermal springs of the Snake River basin, Idaho. By C. E. Roberson and Robert Schoen. Pages 367-370.
17. Evaluation the reliability of specific-yield determinations. By R. L. Hanson. Pages 371-376.


Journal of Research Volume 1(4) : July-August 1973. Pages 377-499, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 1(4) :
1. Boron-bearing potassium feldspar of authigenic origin in closed-basin deposits. By R. A. Sheppard and A. J. Gude, III. Pp 377-382.
2. Metamorphic facies indicated by vein minerals in basal beds of the Great Valley sequence, northern California. By E. H. Bailey and D. L. Jones. Pp. 383-386.
3. Potassium, thorium, and uranium contents of upper Cenozoic basalts of the southern Rocky Mountain region, and their relation to the Rio Grande depression. By P. W. Lipman, C. M. bunker, and C. A. Bush. Pp. 387-402.
4. A Precambrian diamictite below the base of the Stillwater Complex, southwestern Montana. By N. J. Page and R. A. Koski. Pp. 403-414.
5. Identification of a lithium-bearing smectite from Spor Mountain, Utah. By H. C. Starkey and Wayne Mountjoy. Pp. 415-420.
6. Stream-profile analysis and stream-gradient index. By J. T. Hack. Pp. 421-430.
7. Current slope-stability studies in the San Francisco Bay region. By T. H. Nilsen and E. E. Brabb. Pp. 431-438.
8. Deep-sea fan paleocurrent patterns of the Eocene Butano Sandstone, Santa Cruz Mountains, California. By T. H. Nilsen and T. R. Simoni, Jr. Pp 439-452.
9. Lower Jurassic ammonite from the south-central Sierra Nevada, California. By D. L. Jones and J. G. Moore. Pp. 453-458.
10. The Late Cretaceous ammonite Baculites undatus Stephenson in Colorado and New Mexico. By W. A. Cobban. Pp. 459-466.
11. Potential shale-oil resources of a stratigraphic sequence above the Mahogany zone, Green River Formation, Piceance Creek basin, Colorado. By J. K. Pitman and J. R. donnell. Pp. 467-474. Oil shale.
12. Spectrochemical computer analysis – instrumentation. By A. W. Helz. Pp. 475-482.
13. Solubility of cryolite at 25 C and 1 atmosphere pressure. By C. E. Roberson and J. D. Hem. Pp. 483-486.
14. Hydrologic changes after clear-cut logging in a small Oregon coastal watershed. By D. D. Harris. Pp. 487-492.
15. Application of the source-area concept of storm runoff to a small Arizona watershed. By F. E. Arteaga and S. E. Rantz. Pp. 493-498.
16. Tests of rhodamine WT dye for toxicity to oysters and fish. By G. G. Parker, Jr. Page 499.


Journal of Research Volume 1(5) : September-October 1973. Pages 501-625, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 1(5) :
1. Permian paleogeography of the Arctic. pp 501-508.
2. Pliocene marine fossils in the Paso Robles Formation, California. pp 509-514.
3. Galkhaite from the Getchell mine, Humboldt county, Nevada. pp 515-518.
4. Disseminated pyrite in a latite porphyry at Texan Mountain, Hudspeth county, Texas. pp 519-522.
5. Soda Creek springs – metamorphic waters in the eastern Alaska Range. pp 523-528.
6. The Dun Mountain ultramafic belt – Permian oceanic crust and upper mantle in New Zealand. pp 529-534.
7. A calorimetric determination of the standard enthalpies of formation of huntite and artinite, and their standard Gibbs free energies of formation. pp 535-542.
8. The enthalpies of formation of nesquehonite and hydromagnesite. pp 543-548.
9. Chemical analysis of rutile – a pyrocatechol violet spectrophotometric procedure for the direct micro-determination of zirconium. pp 549-554.
10. Spectrophotometric determination of tungsten in rocks by an isotope dilution procedure. pp 555-558.
11. Spectrophotometric computer analysis – Argon-oxygen d-c method for silicate rocks. PP 559-562.
12. Bathymetry of the continental margin off Liberia, West Africa. pp 563-568.
13. An accurate Invar-wire extensometer. pp 569-578.
14. Use of machine-processable field notes in a wilderness mapping project (Granite Fiords area), southeastern Alaska. pp. 579-586.
15. Aquifer diffusivity of the Ohio River alluvial aquifer by the flood-wave method. pp. 597-602.
16. A study of the distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls in the aquatic environment. pp 603-608.
17. Remote sensing of turbidity plumes in Lake Ontario. pp. 609-614.
18. Method for estimating the diversion potential of streams in eastern Massachusetts and southern Rhode Island. pp 615-620.
19. Changes in floodflow characteristics of a rectified channel caused by vegetation, Jackson, Mississippi. pp 621-625.


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Journal of Research Volume 2(2) : March-April 1974. Pages 133-257, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 2(2) :
1. Ancient solution phenomena in the Madison Limestone (Mississippian) of north-central Wyoming. 133.
2. Stratigraphic relations of the Bolsa quartzite, Vekol Mountains, Pinal county, Arizona. 143.
3. Thermal inertia mapping from satellite – discrimination of geologic units in Oman. 147.
4. Dendritic dry valleys in the cone karst of Puerto Rico. 159.
5. Classification and new genera of noncystimorph colonial rugose corals from the Onesquethaw Stage in New York and adjacent areas. 165.
6. Stabilities of calcite and aragonite. 175.
7. Thermal conductimetric determination of submilligram amounts of total water in silicate and carbonate minerals. 185.
8. Preliminary study of rock alteration in the Catheart Mountain molybdenum-copper deposit, Maine. 189.
9. Distribution of copper in biotite and biotite alteration products in intrusive rocks near two Arizona porphyry copper deposits. 195.
10. Garrelsite. 213.
11. Phosphatic zone in the lower part of the Maquoketa Shale in northeastern Iowa. 219.
12. WATEQ, a computer program for calculating chemical equilibria of natural waters. 233.
13. Hydrogeology of Antietam Creek basin, Great Valley, Maryland and Pennsylvania. 249.
14. Rates of salt solution in the Permian basin. 253.


Journal of Research Volume 2(5) : September-October 1974. Pages 511-636, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 2(5) :
1. Hydrogeologic aspects of structural deformation in the northern Gulf of Mexico basin. 511.
2. Aerial observations of suspended-sediment plumes in San Francisco Bay and the adjacent Pacific Ocean. 519.
3. Regional flow system and ground-water quality in western Ohio. 527.
4. Comparison of bacterial and phytoplankton populations under natural and laboratory conditions. 533.
5. Distribution of chlorinated hydrocarbons in stream-bottom materials. 541.
6. Calculated volumes of individual shield volcanoes along the Hawaiian – Emperor chain. 545.
7. Stratiform chromitite at Campo Formoso, Bahia, Brazil. 551.
Detailed near-bottom geophysical profile across the continental slope off northern California. 563.
8. Correlation between geophysical data and rock types in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain of northeast Virginia and related areas. 569.
9. The association of geochemical anomalies with a negative gravity anomaly in the Chief Mountain – Soda Creek area, clear Creek county, Colorado. 581.
10. The Sargent – Berrocal fault zone and its relation to the San Andreas fault system in the southern San Francisco Bay region and Santa Clara Valley, California. 593.
11. Stratigraphy, structure, and geologic history of the Lunar Lake caldera of northern Nye County, Nevada. 599.
12. Correlation of uppermost Precambrian and Lower Cambrian strata from southern to east-central Nevada. 609.
13. New evidence on the age of the top of the Madison Limestone (Mississippian), Bighorn mountains, Wyoming and Montana. 619.
14. Chert derived from magadiite in a lacustrine deposit near Rome, Malheur county, Oregon. 625.
15. Spectrofluorimetric procedure using 2,3-napthalenediamine for deteriming selenium in rocks. 631.

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Journal of Research Volume 3(2) : March-April 1975. Pages 127-251, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 3(2) :
1. Information through color imagery (topography). 127.
2. Estimates of temperature and precipitation for northeastern Utah. 131.
3. Delineation of buried glacial drift aquifers. 137.
4. Geologic setting and chemical characteristics of hot springs in west-central Alaska. 149.
5. Relative efficiencies of square and triangular grids in the search for elliptically shaped resource targets. 163.
6. Linkage effects between deposit discovery and postdiscovery exploratory drilling. 169.
7. An integrated-intensity method for emission spectrographic computer analysis. 181.
8. Spectrophotometric-isotope dilution determination of arsenic in soils and rocks. 187.
9. Analysis for tellurium in rocks to 5 parts per billion. 191.
10. Perched silica minerals on mordenite fibers. 197.
11. Experimental abrasion of detrital gold. 203.
12. Cylindrical jointing in mafic dikes, central Beartooth Mountains, Montana. 213.
13. Preliminary results of a gravity survey of the Henrys Lake quadrangle, Idaho and Montana. 223.
14. Comparison of fission-track, K-Ar, and Rb-Sr radiometric age determinations from some granite plutons in Maine. 229.
15. K-Ar ages of plutonic rocks in the Lassiter Coast area, Antarctica. 233.
16. Flows of impact melt at lunar craters. 237.


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Journal of Research Volume 4(3) : May-June 1976. Pages 253-377, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 4(3) :
1. Intermediate scale mapping (topographic mapping). 253.
2. Factors affecting declining water levels in a sewered area of Nassau county, New York. 255.
3. Hydrogeology of a drift-filled bedrock valley near Lino Lakes, Anoka county, Minnesota. 267.
4. Two-dimensional steady-state dispersion in a saturated porous medium. 277.
5. A simplified slope-area method for estimating flood discharges in natural channels. 285.
6. Development of a standard rating for the Price pygmy current meter. 293.
7. Epifauna at Jackson Point in Port Valdez, Alaska, December 1970 through September 1972. 299.
8. Enhydra and Enhydriodon from the Pacific coast of North America. 305.
9. Mississippian history of the northern Rocky Mountains region. 317.
10. Marine diatom and silicoflagellate biostratigraphy of the type Delmontian Stage and the type Bolivina oblique Zone, California. 339.
11. Sediment-filled pots in upland gravels of Maryland and Virginia. 353.
12. Ocher as a prospecting medium in the Montezuma district of central Colorado. (for pyretic source rocks) 359.
13. A reconnaissance study of the uranium and thorium contents of plutonic rocks of the southeastern Seward Peninsula, Alaska. 367.


Journal of Research Volume 4(4) : July-August 1976. Pages 379-504, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 4(4) :
1. Thin-skinned tectonics and potential hydrocarbon traps – illustrated by a seismic profile in the Valley and Ridge province of Tennessee. 379.
2. High-level plateaus of the southeastern Beartooth Mountains, Montana and Wyoming – remnants of an exhumed sub-Cambrian marine plain. 387.
3. Geology of the Brysch uranium mine, Karnes county, Texas. 397.
4. Geology and Rb-Sr ages of reactivated Precambrian gneisses and granite in the Marenisco – Watersmeet area, northern Michigan. 405.
5. Fission-track ages of sphene and apatite of granitic rocks of the Salinian block, Coast Ranges, California. 415.
6. Revision of the Carboniferous genus Aulina Smith (Coelenterata, Anthozoa). 421.
7. New molluscan assemblages from the upper member of the Twin River Formation, western Washington : significance in Neogene chronostratigraphy. 437.
8. Mississippian carbonate shelf margins, Western United States. 449.
9. Revision of Mississippian stratigraphy, eastern Idaho and northeastern Utah. 467.
10. Simulation of forest changes related to hydrologic variable in the Atchafalaya River basin, Louisiana. 481.
11. Evaluation of three collecting methods for a reconnaissance of stream benthic invertebrates. 491.
12. An evaluation of methods for measuring algal growth. 497.


Journal of Research Volume 4(5) : September-October 1976. Pages 505-629, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 4(5) :
1. Fracturing and subsidence of the land surface caused by the withdrawal of ground water in the Milford area, Utah. WILD! 505.
2. Fresh ground water found deep beneath Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. 511.
3. Improving estimates of streamflow characteristics by using Landsat-1 imagery. 517.
4. An infiltration index useful in estimating low-flow characteristics of drainage basins. 533.
5. Field verification of method for distributing flow through multiple-bridge openings. 539.
6. Confidence limits for flood-frequency curves computed from samples from Pearson type III populations. 545.
7. Volcanic rocks of the eastern and northern parts of the San Francisco volcanic field, Arizona. 549.
8. Prehnite in plutonic and metamorphic rocks of the northern Santa Lucia Range, Salinian block, California. 561.
9. Bulk chemical analyses of petrographic thin sections of rocks of the Samli area, western Turkey. 569.
10. Brown, yellow, orange, and greenish-black thorites from the Seerie pegmatite, Colorado. 575.
11. Compositional variations of wolframite from the Hamme (Tungsten Queen) mine, North Carolina. 583.
12. Gamma-ray spectrometer measurement of 238U / 235U in uranium ore from a natural reactor at Oklo, Gabon. 589.
13. A geochemical study of oil in metalliferous veins, Idarado mine, San Juan Mountains, Colorado. 593.
14. The aeromagnetic expression of bedrock geology between the Clinton-Newbury and Bloody Bluff fault zones, northeastern Massachusetts. 601.
15. Pre-Eocene rock of Java, Indonesia. 605.
16. Sedimentary depositional environments of uranium and petroleum host rocks of the Jackson Group, south Texas. 615.


Journal of Research Volume 4(6) : November-December 1976. Pages 631-772, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 4(6) :
1. The heat capacities of Calorimetry Conference copper and of muscovite, pyrophyllite, and illite between 15 and 375 K and their standard entropies at 298.15 K. 631.
2. Geothermal flux through palagonitized tephra, Surtsey, Iceland, the Surtsey temperature-data-relay experiment via Landsat-1. 645.
3. A comparison of Landsat images and Nimbus thermal-inertia mapping Oman. 661.
4. Gravity studies in the Carolina slate belt near the Haile and Brewer mines, north-central South Carolina. 667.
5. Metagraywacke in the Salinian block, central Coast Ranges, California – and a possible correlative across the San Andreas fault. 683.
6. Deep evaporitic strata off New York and New Jersey – evidence from interstitial water chemistry of drill cores. 697.
7. Textural distribution of sea-floor sediments, south Texas Outer Continental shelf. 703.
8. Brannerite from the Penn Haven Junction uranium occurrence, Carbon county, Pennsylvania. 715.
9. Microprobe study of olivine chromitites of the Goodnews Bay ultramafic complex, Alaska, and the occurrence of platinum. 717.
10. Use of thermal-infrared imagery in ground-water investigations, northwestern Montana. 727.
11. Relations among surficial materials, light intensity, and sycamore-seed germination along the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. 733.
12. Classification of organic solutes in water by using macroreticular resins. 737.
13. Liquid scintillation counting of filtered algae in primary productions studies. 753.
14. Field recalibration of radiometers by using the shading technique. 757.
INDEX to volume 4. 765.


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Journal of Research Volume 5(1) : January-February 1977. Pages 1-141, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 5(1) :
1. Use of infrared imagery in bank-storage studies. 1.
2. Transverse mixing in the Mobile River, Alabama. 11.
3. Dating and recurrence frequency of prehistoric mudflows near Big Sur, Monterey county, California. 17.
4. Application of a hydrometeorological model to the south-central Sierra Nevada of California. 33.
5. Procedure for estimating the temperature of a hot-water component in a mixed water by using a plot of dissolved silica versus enthalpy. 49.
6. Geochemistry of amphibolites from the central Beartooth Mountains, Montana and Wyoming. 53.
7. Geochemical and petrological studies of a uraniferous granite from the Granite Mountains, Wyoming. 61.
8. A comparison of some analytical techniques for determing uranium, thorium, and potassium in granitic rocks. 83.
9. Some characteristics of Pele’s hair. (Hawaii, lava formation) 93.
10. Chemical variability in the Lakeview Mountains pluton, southern California batholith – a comparison of the methods of correspondence analysis and extended Q-mode factor analysis. 103.
11. Surface deformation in part of the San Jacinto Valley, southern California. 117.
12. Radiate shell structures in Paleozoic myodocopid and palaeocopid ostracode are epigenetic. 125.
13. Muscle scars of late Paleozoic freshwater ostracodes from West Virginia. 135.


Journal of Research Volume 5(2) : March-April 1977. Pages 143-276, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 5(2) :
1. Land use and land cover changes, a framework for monitoring. 143.
2. Intrusive rocks of the Yakutat – St. Elias area, south-central Alaska. 155.
3. Metamorphic rocks of the Yakutat – St. Elias area, south-central Alaska. 173.
4. Geology and Rb-Sr age of Precambrian W Puritan Quartz Monzonite, northern Michigan. 185.
5. Electrical sounding near Yellow Creek, Rio Blanco county, Colorado. 193.
6. Technique for concentrating nannoplankton from the Tertiary rocks of the California Coast and Peninsular ranges. 207.
7. Pleistocene fishes from Alameda county, California. 209.
8. Blades of olivine in ultramafic rock from northern sierra Nevada, California. 217.
9. Mercury in oil shale from the Mahogany zone of the Green River formation, eastern Utah and western Colorado. 221.
10. Activity-products constants of brucite from 10 to 90 C. 227.
11. Removal of fluorine and lithium from hectorite by solutions spanning a wide range of pH. 235.
12. Effects of dredged channels on trace-metal migration in an estuary. 243.
13. Possibility of triggering earthquakes by injection of radioactive wastes in shale at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee. 253.
14. The quantitative determination of chlorophylls a and b from freshwater algae without interference from degradation products. 263.
15. Phytoplankton distribution and primary productivity in Donner Lake, California. 265.


Journal of Research Volume 5(3) : May-June 1977. Pages 277-402, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 5(3) :
1. Derivation of solute-transport equations for a turbulent natural-channel flow. 277.
2. Streamflow characteristics related to channel geometry in the Missouri river basin. 285.
3. Routing of stormwater flows through storm drains. 301.
4. Analysis of the recharge potential of storm-water basins on Long Island, New York. 307.
5. A reconnaissance investigation of a large meromictic lake in southeastern Alaska. 319.
6. Cauldron subsidence near Mount Lewis, Nevada, a misconception. 325.
7. Cauldron subsidence of Oligocene age at Mount Lewis, Shoshone Range, Nevada – a reasonable interpretation. 331.
8. Hydration dating of volcanism at Newberry Crater, Oregon. 337.
9. Borehole geophysical investigations in the south Texas uranium district. 343.
10. Gravitational spreading of steep-sided ridges (“Sackung”) in Colorado. 359.
11. Depositional environments as a guide to uranium mineralization in the Chinle Formation, San Rafael Swell, Utah. 365.
12. Distribution of some biostratigraphically diagnostic ostracodes in the Pliocene and lower Pleistocene of Virginia and northern North Carolina. 373.
13. A new method for determining the solubility of salts in aqueous solutions at elevated temperatures. 389.
14. Determination of 22 minor and trace elements in 8 new USGS standard rocks by instrumental activation analysis with epithermal neutrons. 397.


Journal of Research Volume 5(4) : July-August 1977. Pages 403-527, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 5(4) :
1. Application of a selenium hydride – atomic absorption technique to test for homogeneity of USGS standard rocks. 403.
2. Determination of arsenic, antimony, and selenium in coal by atomic absorption spectrometry with a graphite tube atomizer. 405.
3. Chemical dissolution of sulfide minerals. 409.
4. Enthalpies of formation of low albite, gibbsite, and NaAlO2, revised values …. 413.
5. Microwave radiometric survey of the San Joaquin nuclear project site, Kern county, California. 431.
6. Magnitude, distance, and intensity data for C. I. T. strong motion records. 437.
7. Spherulitic rhyolite dike from Goat Island, southeastern Alaska. 445.
8. Lectotype for the Miocene planktonic foraminifer Globigerinoides pseudoruber Todd, 1957. 453.
9. A new curved bacultie from the Upper Cretaceous of Wyoming. 457.
10. Miospore diversity and its relationship to lithology in the Coker Formation (Uper Cretaceous ) of western Alabama. 463.
11. Hydrologic characteristics of the Madison Limestone, the Minnelusa Formation, and equivalent rocks as determined by well-logging formation evaluation, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota. 473.
12. Relation of surficial erosion on hillslopes to profile geometry. 487.
13. Combined use of digital aquifer models and field base-flow data to identify recharge-leakage areas of artesian aquifers. 491.
14. A Galerkin, finite-element analysis of steady-state flow and heat transport in the shallow hydrothermal system in the East Mesa area, Imperial Valley California. 497.
15. Solubility of natural fluorite at 25 C. 509.
16. Benthic invertebrates in an arctic mountain stream, Brooks Range, Alaska. 519.


Journal of Research Volume 5(6) : November-December 1977. Pages 663-842, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 5(6) :
1. Effect of initial radioactive-daughter disequilibrium on U-Pb isotope apparent ages of young minerals. 663.
2. Pleistocene apparent ages by U-Pb isotope and U-series methods for uranium ore in Dakota sandstone near Gallup, New Mexico. 669.
3. Age and tectonic setting of lower Paleozoic alkalic and mafic rocks, carbonatites, and thorium veins in south-central Colorado. 673.
4. Potassium-argon geochronology of some metamorphic, igneous, and hydrothermal events in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 689.
5. Middle Tertiary plutonism in the Santa Catalina and Tortolita Mountains, Arizona. 705.
6. Nevada test site craters used for astronaut training. 719.
7. Lower tertiary biostratigraphy of the northern Santa Lucia Range, California. 735.
8. Tertiary and Quaternary deposits at The Palisades, central Alaska. 747.
9. Petrology of basalt from the East Pacific Rise near 21 north latitude. 753.
10. Geology of the gabbroic complex along the northern border of the Josephine peridotite, Vulcan Peak area, southwestern Oregon. 761.
11. High-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry in uranium exploration. 783.
12. Heat capacities of gibbsite between 13 and 480 K and magnesite between 13 and 380 K, and their standard entropies at 289.15 K, and the heat capacities of Calorimetry Conference benzoic acid between 12 and 316 K. 797.
13. Measuring total antimony in geothermal waters by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. 807.
14. Accuracy of channel measurements and the implications in estimating streamflwo characteristics. 811.
15. Solution of water-table and anisotropic flow problems by using the strongly implicit procedure. 815.
16. Quality of storm-water runoff from a residential area, Broward county, Florida. 823.
INDEX to volume 5. 835.


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Journal of Research Volume 6(2) : March-April 1978. Pages 149-283, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 6(2) :
1. Remote-sensing methods for monitoring surface coal mining in the northern Great Plains. 149.
2. An “optimal” filter for maps showing nominal data. 161.
3. Accuracy of selected land use and land cover maps in the Greater Atlanta Region, Georgia. 169.
4. Blue Ribbon lineament, an east-trending structural zone within the Pioche mineral belt of southwestern Utah and eastern Nevada.
5. A tuya in Togiak Valley, southwest Alaska. 193.
6. Origin of two clay-mineral facies of the Potomac Group (Cretaceous) in the Middle Atlantic States. 203.
7. Heavy-mineral variability in the Baltimore Canyon Trough area. 215.
8. Stable isotope studies of bedded barite at East Northumberland Canyon in Toquima Range, central Nevada. 221.
9. Factors contributing to the formation of ferromanganese nodules in Oneida Lake, New York. 231.
10. Occurrence and formation of avicennite, Tl2O3, as a secondary mineral at the Carlin gold deposit, Nevada. 241.
11. Models for calculating density and vapor pressure of geothermal brines. 247.
12. Spectrochemical determination of submicrogram amounts of tungsten in geologic materials. 259.
13. Impact of sewerage systems on stream base flow and ground-water recharge on Long Island, New York. 263.
14. Hydraulic characteristics of the White River streambed and glacial-outwash deposits at a site near Indianapolis, Indiana. 273.


Journal of Research Volume 6(4) : July-August 1978. Pages 425-522, illus. $12

Contents of Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey 6(4) :
1. Giant glacial grooves at the north end of the Mission Range, northwest Montana. 425.
2. Potassium-argon ages of basement rocks from Saint George Island, Alaska. 435.
3. Radiometric ages of some Cretaceous and Tertiary volcanic and intrusive rocks in south-central Arizona. 439.
4. Granite of Rosalie Peak, a phase of the 1700-million-year-old Mount Evans pluton, Front Range, Colorado. 447.
5. Comendite (peralkaline rhyolite) and basalt in the Mitu Group, Peru : evidence for Permian-Triassic lithospheric extension in the central Andes. 453.
6. Fusion of granodiorite by basalt, central Sierra Nevada. 459.
7. Chabazite in siliceous tuffs of a Pliocene lacustrine deposit near Durkee, Baker county, Oregon. 467.
8. Differentiation of the sulfides in the Basal zone of the Stillwater complex, Montana. 473.
9. Recognition of oxidized sulfide minerals as an exploration guide for uranium. 483.
10. Uranium in waters and aquifer rocks at the Nevada Test Site, Nye county, Nevada. 489.
11. Discrimination of fluvial and eolian deposits by number-frequency analysis of sediments of sand through silt size from a point bar, Rio Puerco, New Mexico. 499.
12. Spectral gradient of lunar radiobrightness – heat flow or volume scattering? 505.
13. Use of a remote computer terminal during field checking of Landsat digital maps. 511.
14. Accuracy of flood mapping. 515.
15. Natural radioactivity in geothermal waters, Alhambra Hot Springs and nearby areas, Jefferson county, Montana. 529.
16. Definition of regional relationships between dissolved solids and specific conductance, Susquehanna River basin, Pennsylvania and New York. 541.
17. Preliminary evaluation of the floating dome method of measuring reaeration rates. 547.

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